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I have, through Operation Just Cause, adopted the following five POW/MIAs.

LTJG Robin Bern Cassell, US Navy

Dr. Eleanor Ardel Vietti, Missionary

Betty Ann Olson, Beatrice Kosin, Evelyn Anderson, Missionaries

Now some of you might be asking yourselves why I adopted four civilians. The answer is simple. They were captured by the Viet Cong and considered POWs by the Viet Cong. However, never in my wildest imagination did I expect the stories of these four women to be so horrific. They are disturbing in nature and may upset some people. So why did I post their stories? Again, the answer is simple. While three of these women are confirmed dead ONE OF THEM COULD STILL BE ALIVE and if she is, she doesn't deserve to suffer for her acts of kindness.

Their stories are on the following pages.

For more information on how to adopt a POW/MIA please contact Operation Just Cause by clicking below.



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