Date:    October 17, 1999
To:      Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl
          Representatives Matt Salmon;  Ed Pastor;  Bob Stump;  John B. Shadegg;  Jim Kolbe;  
          J. D. Hayworth

I am writing to all Senators and Representatives from my state concerning the POW/MIA issue. The party affiliation doesn't matter since this is NOT a political issue. In recent years, it seems that the government's stance towards the POW/MIA issue has been "Because of the lack of evidence proving they are still alive, we are assuming they are dead." I strongly disagree with this view and I would very much like to know the answers to the following questions:

"When was the last time you thought of these men?" "When was the last time you spoke their names, or do you know their names?" "When was the last time you gave them a few minutes of your time in conversation?" "When was the last time you spoke for them and not just about them?" "When was the last time you sat down with the family of one of these POW/MIAs?" "When was the last time you pushed for more information about the possibility that the Russian and/or Chinese government(s) know something about some of these men?" And the last question: "When was the last time you looked into your soul and asked yourself this question: "Am I giving my all to bring them home?"

I am not naive to believe that all are alive, but as long as they are not identified as being dead, this government is duty bound to do EVERYTHING in its power to find him and bring him home. While there are only two opinions concerning the status of POW/MIAs (either they have died or they are still alive) there is only ONE fact. They are not identified as being on American soil and that is the shame of our country.


Attachment: The list of Arizona's POW/MIAs from the Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict.