Before you begin viewing this site,

I would like to take this time to say thanks to a

few people who were very crucial to making this site possible.



Bonnie and Bob

You prodded and convinced me I could do this even though I knew absolutely nothing about web page building, and you dropped everything when I yelled for help. At the time, I believe you were trying to save my sanity, not realizing you were putting your own sanity at stake. With your help I was able to express my feelings on a subject that is very dear to my heart. But more important is the fact you took a total stranger into your midst, befriended her, comforted her, and you never asked for anything in return. You both became her guardian angels and for that I will always love you.


I will always be in your debt,

hold your friendship close to my heart,

and I hope I have done you proud.

You may visit their sites at:




My darling husband

You knew my obsession concerning veterans' issues and willingly let me take over the computer. You understood when I forgot what time it was and your dinner wasn't ready or I had forgotten to run an errand. When I became frustrated because I couldn't get things to come together, you put up with me with loving words of encouragement and a warm embrace.


I know why I fell in love with you.


My precious daughter

Knowing I could no longer use my left hand for typing, you volunteered to type what I couldn't cut and paste, and you did this while holding down two jobs. I never knew you possessed such patience and at the same time you gave me an insight into your heart that I will always remember.


You are indeed a mother's treasure.


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What? No Navigation Page?

Not on this site. While some "experts" have said I should have one, I decided against it after creating one and asking some viewers what they thought. The consensus was that the message contained on each page was too important to "skip" around the pages. Therefore, it remains as I designed it.

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