In memory of our servicemen and women who died on September 11,

In memory of our servicemen and women who died on September 11, 2001



As you look down upon us, you can see the remains of what was your post.

You can also see our tears and feel our pain, but in the infinite

space that divides us, you are helpless to give us comfort.

Be patient with us for we must mourn your loss in order to heal.

We must cry, for our eagle has broken wing


the flag you swore to protect flys at half staff,

dripping red with your blood.

But watch us closely, for the day will come

when our eagle has healed


our flag of freedom will fly at full staff.

On that day, you will see us rise from our despair,

our spirit stronger,


standing taller with pride,

we will raise our right arm with clenched fist

in unity and defiance.

Your death has reminded us all that freedom is not free


it is as precious as life itself.

You have not died in vain for you have become our battle cry.


United State Army


Spec. Craig Amundson, Kansas

Lt. Col. Canfield D. Boone, Indiana

Sgt. First Class Olmedo Jose Orlando Calderon, Puerto Rico

Lt. Col. Jerry D. Dickerson, Mississippi

Maj. Wallace Cole Hogan , Jr., Florida

Lt. Col. Stephen Neil Hyland, Jr., California

Sgt. Maj. Lacey B. Ivory, Missouri

Lt. Col Dennis M. Johnson, Wisconsin

Maj. Stephen V. Long, Georgia

Lt. Col. Dean E. Mattson, California

Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Maude, Indiana

Maj. Ronald D. Milam, Oklahoma

Spec. Chin Sun Pak, Oklahoma

Capt. Clifford L. Patterson, Virginia

Chief Warrant Officer William R. Ruth, Maryland

Lt. Col. David M. Scales, Ohio

Sgt. Maj. Larry L. Strickland, Washington

Maj. Kip P. Taylor, Michigan

Sgt. Tamara C. Thurman, Alabama

Lt. Col. Karen J. Wagner, Texas

Staff Sgt. Maudlyn A. White, Virgin Islands

Maj. Dwayne Williams, Alabama


U. S. Navy

Yeoman Second Class Melissa Rose Barnes, California

Information Systems Technician Second Class Kris Romeo Bishundat, Maryland

Electronics Technician Third Class Christopher Lee Burford, North Carolina

Electronics Technician Third Class Daniel Martin Caballero, Texas

Lt. Eric Allen Cranford, North Carolina

Capt. Gerald Francis Deconto, Massachusetts

Information Systems Technician First Class Johnnie Doctor, Jr., Florida

Cmdr. Robert Edward Dolan, New Jersey

Cmdr. William Howard Donovan, Jr., New York

Cmdr. Patrick Dunn, New Jersey

Aerographer's Mate First Class Edward Thomas Earhart, Kentucky

Lt. Cmdr. Robert Randolph Elseth, New York

Storekeeper Third Class Jamie Lynn Fallon, Virginia

Aerographer's Mate Second Class Matthew Michael Flocco, Delaware

Capt. Lawrence Daniel Getzfred, Nebraska

Electronics Technician First Class Ronald John Hemenway, Kansas

Lt. Michael Scott Lamana, Louisiana

Operations Specialist Second Class Nehamon Lyons IV, Alabama

Electronics Technician Second Class Brian Anthony Moss, Oklahoma

Lt. Cmdr. Patrick Jude Murphy, Illinois

Illustrator/Draftsman Second Class Michael Allen Noeth, New York

Lt. Jonas Martin Panik, Pennsylvania

Ltjg Darin Howard Pontell, Maryland

Aviation Warfare Systems Operator First Class Joseph John Pycior, Jr., New Jersey

Information Systems Technician First Class Marsha Dianah Ratchford, Alabama

Cmdr. Robert Allan Schlegel, Maine

Cmdr. Dan Frederic Shanower, Illinois

Chief Information Systems Technician Gregg Harold Smallwood, Kansas

Lt. Cmdr. Otis Vincent Tolbert, California

Lt. Cmdr. Ronald James Vauk, Idaho

Lt. Cmdr. David Lucian Williams, Oregon

Information Systems Technician Second Class Kevin Wayne Yokum, Louisiana

Chief Information Systems Technician Donald McArthur Young, Virginia