The Last Forgotten Soul

The Last Forgotten Soul


David V. Skocik


They’re coming for me now, I’m going home.

I’ve waited oh so many years, thank God, I’m going home.


I first arrived in ’68, a lot of us moved in.

Mostly young and idealistic, unknown to battle’s din.


We came here out of high school to do a noble chore.

But there was no glory in combat in an ugly, teen age war.


Our country was behind us then, we had a job to do.

I remember the day that I arrived, half boy, half man, still new.


My friends who went to college just could never understand.

We were inspired with a mission, to free a foreign land.


I’ve heard some of us were spit on, some upbraided and abused.

I thought we served our nation well, but some held another view.


But I forgave my country, I loved it more than life.

Even though I really felt betrayed by the protest and the strife.


I traveled over Vietnam, from Khe Sanh to Saigon.

I fought in the A-Shaw Valley and partied at Cam Rahn.


I saw action in the Delta and did battle at Phan Rang.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all I bought it at DaNang.


From the stilted hope of glory to the darkness of the grave,

I tried to do the best I could, it’s a hard thing to be brave.


I expect no rousing welcome, just a single moment’s pause.

A minute of reflection upon a long forgotten cause.


My soul is squared away with God, now they’ve finally found my bones.

Yes, I was killed in ’69, Oh thank God, I’m going home.




If a name is followed by an *, the family is disputing the government findings.

Identified in 2016

Alan L. Boyer    

Identified in 2015

David Chorlins Richard C. Clark Rodney L. Griffin
James William Holt Stanley G. Johnson Edwin E. Morgan
Bunyan D. Price, Jr. Dale W. Richardson Neil B. Taylor

Identified in 2014

William E. Cooper Thomas W. Dugan Douglas Ferguson
James L VanBendegom Richard L. Whitesides  

Identified in 2013

Merlin R. Allen Howard V. Andre Daniel A. Benedett
John L. Burgess Donald P. Frye Luis F. Guillerman
Larry J. Hanley Michael B. Judd Richard L. Laws
Francis J. McGouldrick Robert Pietsch James E. Sizemore
Lawrence Woods    

Identified in 2012

Clarence Finley “Bill” Blanton William T. Brown Robert M. Brown
Clyde W. Campbell Joseph Christiano William Kevin Coldwell
Dennis L. Eilers Arden K. Hassenger James J. Jacques
Derrell B. Jeffords James M. Johnstone John R. Jones
Wendell R. Keller Aado Kommendant Richard Lee Laws
James Rickey Maxwell Virgil K. Meroney III Richard William Rivenburgh
Dennis W. Peterson Donald M. Shue William E. Swanson
Larry C. Thornton Gunther H. Wald Jerry M. Wall
Richard William James L. Whited  

Identified in 2011

Charles R. Barnes Robert E. Bennett III Wayne Bibbs
Leo S. Boston Edward J. Broms, Jr. Robert M. Brown
William T. Brown Thomas E. Clark Douglas E. Dahill
Randal D. Dalton James E. Dennany William P. Egan
Richard G. Elzinga Frank Green, Jr. Arnold E. Holm, Jr.
George A. Howes Aado Kommendant Bruce E. Lawrence
David E. Lemcke Glenn D. McElroy James Moreland
John M. Nash Charles V. Newton Gilbert S. Palmer, Jr
Marvin F. Phillips Charles F. Prevedel Thomas E. Reitmann
Ralph Reno, Jr. Donald M. Shue Edward D. Silver
Darrell J. Spinler David A. Thorpe Robert L. Tucci
Charles M. Walling Robin R. Yeakley  

Identified in 2010

John Q. Adam Lawrence L. Aldrich James H. Alley
Allen J. Avery Thomas J. Beyer Henry P. Brauner
Clyde W. Campbell James K. Caniford Richard Castillo
Jerry L. Chambers Peter H. Chapman II James E. Dennany
Melvin C. Dye Richard G. Elzinga Calvin C. Glover
Douglas J. Glover Russell C. Goodman Robert S. Griffith
Richard C. Halpin Samuel E. Hewitt George A. Howes
William L. Kieffer, Jr. Thomas E. Knebel Paul G. Magers
William H. Mason William T. McPhail Curtis D. Miller
Thomas B. Mitchell Gary Pate Merlyn L. Paulson
Edwin J. Pearce Elton L. Perrine Roy D. Prater
Irving B. Ramsower II Melvin D. Rash Robert E. Simmons
Edward D. Smith, Jr. Howard D. Stephenson William A. Todd
Robert L. Tucci Woodrow W. Vaden Donald L. Wann
Charles J. Wanzel III Barclay B. Young  

Identified in 2009

John A. Adams Donald Carroll Grella Earl P. Hopper, Jr.
Jesse Donald Phelps William H. Mason Melvin Rash
Thomas Rice, Jr. Kenneth Leon Stancil  

Identified in 2008

Ralph C. Bisz Henry P. Brauner Bernard L. Bucher
James K. Caniford Arthur F. Chaney Lorenza Conner
James E. Cross Manuel R. Denton Ralph L. Harper
Frank M. Hepler Kurt E. La Plant John L. McElroy
Bobby L. McKain Stephen C. Moreland Luis F. Palacios
Russell A. Poor Gomer D. Reese III Jose R. Sanchez
Barclay B. Young David H. Zook, Jr.  

Identified in 2007

James H. Ayres Ernest F. Briggs, Jr. John L. Carroll
Benjamin F. Danielson Jimmie L. Dorser Norman D. Eaton
Richard W. Fischer John T. Gallagher Paul E. Getchell
Raul A. Guerra Dennis C. Hamilton Perry H. Jefferson
George W. Long Peter Mongilardi, Jr. Jim E. Moshier
Michael T. Newell Warren R. Orr, Jr. Norman Payne
Roland R. Pineau Stephen A. Rusch Alton C. Rockett, Jr.
Norman L. Roggow Sheldon D. Schultz Charles W. Stratton
Lewis C. Walton James D. Williamson Donald F. Wolfe
Andrew G. Zissu    

Identified in 2006

Wayne C. Allen Stuart M. Andrews Jack L. Barker
Charles L. Bifolchi John J. Chubb John F. Conlon III
Calvin C. Cooke Herbert C. Crosby William E. Dillender
John F. Dugan Francis G. Graziosi Eugene D. Hamilton
Donald R. Hoskins James L. Hull Harold B. Lineberger
Burke H. Morgan James E. Plowman Frederick J. Ransbottom
Charles J. Scharf William E. Skivington, Jr. James E. Widener

Identified in 2005

Lee A. Adams Heinz Ahlmeyer, Jr. Randolph J. Ard
Arthur D. Baker Michael L. Batt Thomas J. Blackman
Raymond E. Bobe Sheldon J. Burnett James L. Carter
Joseph F. Cook Paul S. Czerwonka Thomas W. Fritsch
Marvin L. Foster Gregg Hartness Barry L. Hempel
Raymond T. Heyne Gerald E. King Darel D. Leetun
James W. Lewis Robert Lopez William D. McGonigle
Glenn E. Miller Malcolm T. Miller Donald W. Mitchell
David J. Phillips, Jr. James R. Sargent Robert Schuler, Jr.
Patrick L. Shannon Samuel A. Sharp Jr. David R. Smith
J. Forrest G. Trembley James N. Tycz  

Identified in 2004

Klaus Y. Bingham Jack W. Brunson Ralph L. Carlock
Kenneth L. Crody Charles Dean Thomas E. Dunlop
Peter J. Frederick Dennis W. Hammond Kenneth Hanna
Jerry W. Hendrix Raymond Hetrick Lester Holmes
Theodore E. Kryszak Charles Lindewald, Jr. James M. Luttrell
Russell D. Martin Donald J. Matocha Harry S. Mossman
Harold E. Mullins Randolph Perry, Jr. Joseph R. Pietrzak
Luther Ritchey, Jr. Richard Schott Thomas W. Sitek
Harding E. Smith Philip Stickney Carl D. Wadleigh
Therman M. Waller Lewis C. Walton Ervin Warren

Identified in 2003

Denis Anderson Paul Black Arthur C. Buck
Robert Clark Allen Collamore, Jr. Richard Cooper, Jr.
Bobby Harris Elmer Holden Irwin S. Lerner
James Locker Richard Mancini Michael McCormick
Clinton Musil, Sr. Delbert A. Olson Charles Poole
Kent Potter Richard J. Reardon Jack Rittichier**
Michael Roberts Luther Rose Gale Siow
Philip Stevens Donald Thompson Donald Thoresen
Larry Thorne Kenneth Widon Richard Yeend

Identified in 2002

Robert A. Brett, Jr. Ronald D. Briggs Eugene F. Christiansen
Peter M. Cleary William C. Coltman Richard A. Crosby
Jefferson S. Dotson Lawrence G. Evert Gene R. Gollahon
Laurent Gourley Larry G. Harrison Thomas E. Heideman
Charles Herrick Larry G. Kier Wallace W. Leeper
Leonardo C. Leonor Larry F. Lucas Albro Lundy
David E. McRae Charles W. Millard Manual J. Moreida
Robert O’Hara Robert C. O'Hara David E. Padgett
Don B. Parsons,Jr. Kenneth L. Plumadore Floyd W. Strange
Jon E. Swanson Refugio T. Teran Francis W. Townsend
Hobart M. Wallace James A. Wheeler  

Identified in 2001

Harry A. Amesbury, Jr. Victor J. Apodaca, Jr.* Rudy H. Becerra
John Boronski Jeff G. Bridges George R. Brown
Anthony G. Chandler Howard B. Comer Willis C. Crear
Donald E. Crone Patrick Curron Fred C. Cutrer, Jr.
Jerry L. Degnan Charles E. Deitsch Robert R. Dyczkowski
Arthur G. Ecklund John A. Feldhaus Barry F. Fivelson
Roscoe H. Fobair Berman Ganoe, Jr. Thomas A. Gopp
Gary A. Harned Gustov G. Hertz John C. Hosken
Louis F. Jones* Leonard L. Kaster William A. Kimsey
Luther A. Lono James McGrath Charles H. Meldalh
David W. Morrill John B. Nahan, III Michael D. O'Donnell
Maxim C. Parker Jerry L. Pool* John L. Powell
Harley B. Pyles Charles J. Ramsay Winfield W. Sisson
Ronald V. Stanton Edd D. Taylor Robert N. Vennick
Jack Wolpe    

Identified in 2000

Michael J. Allard Lynn Blessing Timothy P. Bodden
Irvin L. Bower Walter Boyd Gean P. Clapper
Charles P. Claxton Gregory Copenhaver John E. Crowley
Edward J. Darcy Wayne A. Eckley Charles E. Finney
Donald E. Fisher Andres Garcia John Gardner
Bernard Gause, Jr. James W. Hall Stephen Hanson
Roger Innis James Jefferson Henry Knight
Billey R. Laney Leonard M. Lee Robert Lopez
Donald A. Luna Charles Macko Ronald Manning
Jack McCrary Roger M. Netherland Edwin N. Osborne, Jr.
Frank C. Parker III Donald Paxton Richard Rich
Antonio Sandoval William H. Seward Harold V. Smith
William A. Smith, Jr. Kelton Turner Gerald G. VanBuren
Richard VandeGeer Gordon J. Wenaas James R. Williams

Prior to 2000

John Abbott Lewis H. Abrams Thomas Y. Adachi
Samuel Y. Adair, Jr. Richard K. Allee Thomas R. Allen
Wayne C. Allen Gerald W. Alley Glendon L. Ammon
Thomas H. Amos William H. Amspacher Evelyn Anderson
John S. Anderson Robert D. Anderson William R. Andrews
Ivan D. Appleby Gerasimo Arroyo-Baez Clayborn W. Ashby, Jr.
Donald H. Asire Edwin L. Atterberry Gerald F. Ayres
Arthur E. Bader, Jr. John E. Bailey Michael D. Balamoti
Charles E. Barnett John F. Barr Gregory I. Barras
Jerald T. Batiste Richard G. Bauer Charles J. Bebus
Jonathan B. Bednarek Burriss N. Begley* Roger E. Behnfeldt
Glenn A. Belcher Holly G. Bell Marvin E. Bell
Joseph M. Berkson Robert E. Bernhardt Larry W. Biediger
Earl R. Biggs Norman K. Billipp Joel R. Birch
Robert L. Biscailuz Harry L. Blackburn, Jr. Gordon B. Blackwood
Charles E. Blair Charles H. Blankenship Michael J. Blassie
Lural L. Blevins Henry F. Blood Donald B. Bloodworth
Allan B. Boffman Arthur R. Bollinger Daniel V. Borah, Jr.*
Robert C. Borton, Jr.* Michael J. Bosiljevac Roy H. Bowling
Howard Boyles* Lester Bracey.Jr. James A. Branch
Joseph W. Brand Dale Brandenburg Keith A. Brandt
Robert E. Brinckmann Nicholas G. Brooks William L. Brooks
Danny R. Brotz Donald H. Brown, Jr. Earl C. Brown
Joseph O. Brown Jimmy L. Buckley Edward B. Burdett
Paul E. Burgard Mason I. Burnham Frederick J. Burns
John R. Burns Jon T. Busch* Elbert W. Bush
Robert E. Bush James E. Butler Richard L. Butt
Earnest R. Byars John H. Call Kenneth R. Cameron
Virgil K. Cameron Frances E. Cannon Elwyn R. Capling
Charles E. Cappelli Franklin A. Caras Nicholas M. Carpenter
Ramey L. Carpenter Daniel L. Carrier Roger W. Carroll, Jr.
James D. Carter Billie J. Cartwright Thomas F. Case
Richard Castillo Alfonso R. Castro Jack W. Cavil
Allen S. Cherry Joseph L. Chestnut Chambless M. Chestnutt
Vincent A. Chiarello David M. Christian* Michael D. Chwan
Donald E. Clark, Jr. John C. Clark Phillip S. Clark, Jr.
William C. Clay Louis J. Clever David P. Clifton
William F. Coakley Earl G. Cobeil William K. Cogdell
Legrande O. Cole, Jr. Richard M. Cole, Jr. Raphael L. Collazo
Gary L. Conaway* Douglas C. Condit William H. Condit
Bernard Conklin James J. Connell Vincent J. Connolly
Dwight W. Cook Wilmer P. Cook Chester L. Coons
Joseph B. Copack, Jr. Sam G. Cordova Leroy J. Cornwell III
Robert G. Cozart, Jr. Randall J. Craddock Phillip C. Craig
Gregory S. Crandall Dennis C. Cressey Peter R. Cressman*
Carlos Cruz Raphael R. Cruz Carey A. Cunningham
Bradley G. Cuthbert* Stephen H. Cuthbert Thomas Daffron
Mark G. Danielson Oscar M. Dardeau, Jr. Charles E. Darr
Brent E. Davis Charlie B. Davis, Jr. Daniel R. Davis
Donald V. Davis Robert C. Davis Clyde D. Dawson
Frank A. Dawson Rexford J. DeWispelaere Michael F. Dean
William L. Dean Terry A. Dennison David R. Devers
Stephen W. Diamond Delma E. Dickens William C. Diehl
Herb Doby Ronald W. Dodge Ward K. Dodge
Paul N. Donato Verne G. Donnelly James V. Dorsey
Carl Doughtie Jack P. Dove, Sr. Michael W. Doyle
Bruce C. Ducat John F. Dudash John E. Duffy
William C. Dunlap Michael E. Dunn James B. East
Robert C. Edmunds, Jr. Harry J. Edwards Harry S. Edwards, Jr.
John C. Egger, Jr. Norman E. Eidsmoe Edward K. Elias
Frank C. Elkins Robert M. Elliot Robert T. Elliott
Roger G. Emrich Eric C. Engelhard Robert J. Engen
Donald E. Erwin John L. Espenshied Walter O. Estes
James J. Evans Hugh M. Fanning Samuel Fantle
Charles R. Fellenz Charles F. Fenter* Walter L. Ferguson
William Fernan Melvin W. Finch Arthur T. Finney
Donald G. Fisher Crosley J. Fitton Richard A. Fitts
Josepg E. Fitzgerald John N. Flanigan George E. Flynn
Randolph W. Ford Frederick J. Fortner Paul L. Foster
Ralph E. Foulks, Jr. Charles S. Franco Charles E. Franklin
David A. Frederick John W. Frederick William V. Frederick
John W. Frink Orville B. Frits Donald P. Frye
Ben L. Fryer Wayne E. Fullam James R. Fuller
James Gabriel, Jr. Richard O. Ganley Edward L. Ganzinotti
Frederick T. Garside Paul F. Gilbert La Juan A. Gilmore
Henry M. Gittings John W. Goeglein Lawrence H. Golberg
Edward F. Gold Edwin R. Goodrich, Jr. Bernard J. Goss
Rodney H. Gott Tucker P.E. Gougelmann Alan U. Graham
James S. Graham Joseph W. Grainger William M. Grammer
Robert S. Graustein Terance C. Green Robert L. Greer
Robert R. Gregory Larry I. Grewell James L. Griffin
Edwin R. Grissett, Jr. Wilmer N. Grubb James E. Hackett
John R. Hagan Robert W. Hagerman Michael E Haifley
Harley H. Hall* James S. Hall Richard C. Halpin
John Hamilton Welles Hangen Robert T. Hanson, Jr.
Arthur H. Hardy John C. Hardy Cleveland S. Harris
Jeffrey L. Harris Stephen W. Harris Robert H. Harrison
Patrick K. Harrold Thomas T. Hart III Richrd D. Hartman
James C. Hartney John F. Hartzheim Elroy E. Harworth
John H. Haselton Joel C. Hatley Wilton N. Hatton
Leslie J. Hauer Steven A. Haukness Glenn M. Hayden
Keith R. Heggen Harold J. Hellbach Ivan L. Heller
William R. Henderson Ronnie L. Hensley Robert C. Hessom
Tyronne Higgins David Higgins, Jr. James A. Hockridge
David L. Hodges Sammie D. Hoff Terry A. Hoffman
Robert E. Holdeman Robert A. Holt Joseph C. Hopper
Stanley H. Horne Robert M. Horskey James L. Huard
Edward M. Hudgens Bobby G. Huggins Charles J. Huneycutt, Jr.
Leon A. Hunt Peter M. Hunting Michael L. Hyde
Robert H. Inwin Robert N. Ireland Andrew Ivan, Jr.
William B. Jackson John C. Jacobs Ellwood Jacobson
John A. Jakovac Samuel L. James* Timothy Jarvis
Paul L. Jenkins John W. Jennings, Jr. George W. Jensen
William C. Jesse Vernon Z. Johns Allen L. Johnson
Buford G. Johnson Edward H. Johnson Guy D. Johnson
William E. Johnson George E. Jones William E. Jones
Darwin L. Judge David A. Kardell Barry E. Karger
Joseph J. Karins, Jr. Carl F. Karst Frederick M. Kasch
Joseph T. Kearns John W. Kennedy Alan G. Kennefy
William Kernan Melvin J. Killian Michael E. King
Bobby A. Kirby Perry C. Kitchens William B. Klenert
Harrison H. Klinck Donald H. Klinke* Billy Knight
Thomas W. Knuckey Richard A. Knutson Thomas C. Kolstad
Dale F Koons Stephen J. Kott* James S. Kravitz
Stanley N. Kroboth Charles F. Kuhlmann Byron K. Kulland
John C. Kwortnik Garry R. Labohn* Harry R. Lagerwall
Arnold W. Lamp, Jr. Manuel A. Lauterio John A. Lavoo
John G. Lecornec Charles R. Lee Glenn H. Lee
Edward W. Lehnhoff Stanley L. Lehrke Walter E. Lewellen
Merrill R. Lewis, Jr. Robert L. Liles, Jr. Edgar S. Lim
Donald F. Lindland Donald M. Lint George B. Lockhart
Robert A. Lodge Hubert B. Loheed Robert L. Luster*
Homer M. Lynn Robert R. Lynn George D. MacDonald
William L. Madison Ralph W. Magee Douglas F. Mahan
Janie A. Makel Richard J. Mallon John M. Mamiya
Jerry L. Manfrida John C. Mape Wayne E. Marchand
Aubrey G. Martin Douglas Martin James E. Martin
Larry E. Martin Joseph A. Matejov Glenn Matteson
Peter R. Matthes* Samuel C. Maxwell David May
Marvin R. McCain James L. McCarty George C. McCleary
John V. McCormick Robert M. McCurry Brian K. McGar
Donald P. McGrane William D. McGrath Alexander McIver
Kenneth D. McKenney Clemie McKinney Neil B. McKinney*
George P. McKnight Olen B. McLaughlin Arthur E. McLeod
Robert C. McMahan Charles McMahon, Jr. M. D. McMican
Clarence L. McNeil James R. McQuade Henry S. McWhorter
Eugene T. Meadows Arthur S. Mearns Rick E. Medaris
Paul O. Meder Michael H. Mein Todd M. Melton
George B. Menges Jacob E. Mercer James H. Metz
William M. Meyer Raymond D. Miller Richard W. Minnich, Jr.
Peter Mongilardi, Jr. Vincent D. Monroe Monte L. Moorberg
Frank D. Moorman Ralph A. Moreira, Jr. Charles E. Morgan
Charles V. Morgan Thomas R. Morgan Charles Morley
Merwin L. Morrill Robert J. Morris, Jr. Richard D. Morrow
David L. Moser Michael G. Murdock Patrick P. Murray
Stephen O. Musselman David L. Nelson* Richard C. Nelson
William H. Nelson Patrick L. Ness Larry J. Newman
Benjamin B. Newsom Harry T. Niggle Richard E. Nyhof
Gary Offutt Stephen M. Olaughlin Ernest A. Olds
Robert E. Olson John J. Oneil Ronald L. Packard
Godon L. Page Robert J. Panek, Sr. Woodrow W. Parker
Frank C. Parrish Ronald P. Paschall Craig A. Paul
Merlyn L. Paulson John A. Payne Edwin J. Pearce
Robert H. Pearson Wayne E. Pearson William R. Pearson
Gene T. Pemberton Orland J. Pender, Jr. Richard Clark Perry
Ronald D. Perry Charles H. Peters Gaylord D. Petersen
John J. Petrilla Ronald E. Pfeifer Lowell Z. Pirkle
John R. Pitzen Thomas L. Plants James E. Pleiman
George J. Pollin William D. Port Dale K. Porterfield
William J. Potter, Jr. Lynn K. Powell William E. Powell
Trent R. Powers Daniel R. Poynor Robert F. Preiss
Milton E. Prescott, Jr. James A. Preston* Severo J. Primm III
William R. Pruner Kenneth W. Pugh Howard P. Purcell
Charles L. Putnam George Quamo Raphael Rafael-Cruz
Thomas Ragsdale Irving B. Ramsower II Wesley D. Ratzel
James A. Ravencraft James Rawlings Thomas P. Ray
Rollie K. Reaid Terry M. Reed Harold E. Reid
Jon E. Reid Edward D. Reilly, Jr. Lavern G. Reilly*
Robert A. Rex E.J. R. Reynolds Floyd W. Richardson
David J. Richtseig Donald L. Rissi Marion L. Roach
Anund C. Roark William M. Roark* Richard J. Robbins
Gerald R. Roberts Kenneth D. Robinson Lewis M. Robinson
Charles D. Roby Albert E. Rodriguez Kemmeth B Rogers
Gerald M. Romano ALbert W. Romine Douglas A. Ross
Jlynn Ross, Jr. Charles S. Rowley* Robert D. Rudolph
James T. Ruffin Donald M. Russell Mercedes P. Salinas
Raymond Salzarulo, Jr. Leslie V. Sampson William D. Sanderlin
Robert L. Sandner Dominick Sansone Richard C. Sather
Leroy C. Schaneberg James P. Schimberg Norman Schmidt
Klaus D. Scholz Fred T. Schreckengost Michael A. Seagroves
Gary L. Shank Michael H. Shanley, Jr.* Hugh L. Sherburn
John B. Sherman Peter W. Sherman Robert C. Sherman
Anthony C. Shine Armon D. Shingledecker Lance P. Sijan
Roy D. Sikkink Robert E. Simmons* Donald M. Singer
Ronald N. Sittner Freddie Leon Slater Christopher J. Sleeman
Edward D. Smith, Jr. Gene A. Smith Herbert E. Smith
Homer L. Smith Richard D. Smith Roger L. Smith
Warren R. Spencer Henry M. Spengler III George R. Spitz
Stanley G. Sprague Boyd E. Squire Raymond C. Stacks
Ernest A. Stamm Roger H. Stearns Howard D. Stephenson
Mark L. Stephensen Donald D. Stewart William S. Stinson
Lawrence G. Stolz Ronald E. Storz Robert A. Stubberfield
Farrell J. Sullivan James E. Sullivan John B. Sullivan III
Kevin C. Swanson Marshall L. Tapp Jesse J. Taylor
Phillip C. Taylor James E. Teague Harry E. Thomas
Kenneth D. Thomas, Jr. Leo T. Thomas, Jr. Michael W. Thomas
Robert J. Thomas George W. Thompson Victor H. Thompson III
Richard C. Thum Curtis F. Thurman William A. Todd
Clarence O. Tolbert Samuel K. Toomey III Herman Towery
John C. Towle Robert D. Trier Larry A. Trimble
Joseph F. Trujillo Edwin B. Tucker Lonnie J. Tullier
Morvan D. Turley Paul G. Underwood Don L. Unger
Barton J. Urlinger Richard H. VanDyke Martin VandenEykel II*
Larry J. Vanrenselaar Michael B. Varnado Milton J. Vescelius
Bobby G. Vinson Valentine B. Vollmer Barton S. Wade
Dean A. Wadsworth David R. Wagener Michael W. Wallace
Francis A. Walsh, Jr. Donovan K. Walters Jack Walters
Tim L. Walters Wilbert Walton Charles J. Wanzel III
Arthur L. Warren Craig H. Waterman Samuel E. Waters
David J. Wax Jack W. Weatherby Robert L. Weskamp
Danforth E. White James W. Widdis, Jr. Larry A. Widener
Thomas C. Widerquist Wallace L. Wiggins Woodrow H. Wilburn
George H. Wilkins Clyde D. Wilkinson Dennis E. Wilkinson
Billie J. Williams David B. Williams Howard K. Williams
James E. Williams Richard F. Williams Robert C. Williams
Thaddeus E. Williams Don I. Williamson Claude D. Wilson, Jr.
Gordon S. Wilson Mickey A. Wilson Robert A. Wilson
Roger E. Wilson Nutter J. Wimbrow Charles C. Windeler, Jr.
John O. Winningham Charles C. Winston III James C. Wonn
Paul L. Worrell Donald L. Wright Frederick W. Wright
James J. Wright Jerdy A. Wright, Jr. Blair C. Wrye
Patrick E. Wynne William Yarbrough, Jr. Kenneth J. Yonan
Robert M. Young Joseph S. Zawtocki, Jr. Harold J. Zook
Robert J. Zukowski