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In recent years the government's public stance towards our POW/MIAs has been that no POW/MIA could possibly be alive after all these years, this despite evidence suggesting just the opposite. It seems that our government finds it easier to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to anything and everything rather than admit that we left Americans behind. This is wrong. I believe that all Americans must convince our representatives that this attitude is not only wrong but unacceptable. The first step is a simple one...write to the White House, write to your representatives, and be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Below is a link that will provide you with your state's POW/MIAs from the Korean War and the Vietnam Conflict. At the bottom of that list is a link to Operation Pressure, which has ideas on what you can do. While it took me days to get the POW/MIAs for each state together, it will only take you a few minutes to let your views be known to our government.

Please take that first step and follow it up by becoming involved.

*** URGENT ***


The Department of Defense needs DNA from the family members of our POW/MIAs. If you are a family member or know of a family member, please visit the following sites for more information.

The Korean War Project

JPAC (Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command)

To view your state's POW/MIAs, please click here.

My Adopted POW/MIAs are on the following page.


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